About Us

PetrusKy Foundation (PKF) project was initiated in 2008. In 2010, encouraged by the supporting groups of PetrusKy Teachers and PetrusKy Alumni, PKF was established and incorporated as a non-profit, non-government organization in California, USA.  Directed by PetrusKy alumni volunteers, PKF aims to fund or assist health, educational and social projects benefited for the poor in Vietnam. 

PFK focuses its goals and resources in these projects: 

·         Health: To promote and maintain various programs related to healthcare and health education in rural areas, PKF has financially funded various health programs such as providing free medical equipment to clinical stations or hospitals, providing free medical examination for poor people in rural areas.  PKF has also paid medical expenses for poor individuals who had special needs for medical treatment such as cardiac catheterization, cleft lip palate surgery for children, eye surgery for elder and children.


·         Education:  Our PetrusKy Scholarship provides financial assistance for outstanding students who have high academic performance but having economic difficulties.  Our School for Your Village matching program provides the additional fund for construction or repair of primary schools in poor remote areas.


·         Direct humanitarian assistance:  Work with individuals and other charitable organizations to distribute humanitarian aid directly to the poor people in Vietnam.

As many non-profit organization, the above projects could not succeed  without  generous donations and supports from many donors and sponsors  worldwide.   They could not reach further to the hand of need people without hard-working and enthusiastic spirits of many  volunteers, especially from PetrusKy alumni and Vietnamese students.

Our Donors, our Sponsors, our Volunteers, and our Staff, together,  we proudly are the cornerstones of PETRUSKY FOUNDATION.