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Greeting from Petrusky Foundation

posted 6 Jul 2017, 02:25 by Vinh Le
Dear friends and supporters,

On behalf of the PetrusKy Foundation (PKF), I wish you peace and health. Given the current state of our economy, I, more than ever, hope that you will continue to share a small portion of your wealth to the unfortunate ones, in your community in the US as well as those in Vietnam.

Incorporated in 2010 as a nonprofit organization, PKF focuses on activities that help our fellow Vietnamese to overcome financial, social and medical hardship. Our annual PKF scholarship program for university students in VN has helped support many, some of whom has graduated and some has returned to participate in PKF. Your contributions will, in the long term, help enhance the educational level of our fellow citizens. PKF has organized a wheelchair program and vocational training for those with disabilities. The future is hopeful for the poor in VN as PKF is planning to expand its activities as funding allows.

We at PKF sincerely acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors and the dedicated time and efforts of our kind-hearted volunteers, both in VN and the US. Your continued support will be the framework for a sustainable improvement in the lives of our fellow Vietnamese.Sincerely yours,
PKF Directors