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Petrus Ky Foundation Scholarship

Future development for the Youth
PetrusKy Foundation Scholarships for College program is created to help students who have excellent academic records, but struggle with economic difficulties. Our goal is not only awarding additional grant to students for paying part or full of their school tuition and living expenses, but also encouraging students to continue their education for better future.  PetrusKy Scholarship will also be granted to disable students or students living in remote districts.

A PetrusKy Scholarship Committee was established by the end of 2010.  Its functions are selecting, evaluating, and approving the qualified students.  To ensure accurately and fairly, applicant must meet some of all criteria such as: having excellent academic records, having economics difficulties, etc...

Starting in 2011, the PetrusKy Scholarship will grant annually to selected schools such as University of Science and Engineering, University of Education, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, etc...  Annual scholarship of $100 to $200 will be granted directly to awarded students.

For more details and how to apply for PetrusKy Scholarship, click here or download the attached file, or email to

Petrusky Foundation


Petrus Ky Foundation Scholarship

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